Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Star Trek Week: Worf and Yar

Lt. Commander Worf
Worf was born in 2340 on the Klingon homeworld as the son of Mogh. Five years later, his parents moved to the Khitomer colony. Worf's parents were killed during a surprise attack by the Romulans on the Khitomer outpost. The colony's distress call was answered by the Federation starship USS Intrepid. Chief Petty Officer Sergey Rozhenko found Worf in the rubble and took him in after failing to find any living relatives. Rozhenko and his wife Helena raised him on a small farm colony on the planet Gault, a world of about 20,000 inhabitants, almost all of them human.

In 2364 Worf was assigned to the USS Enterprise-D as relief flight control and tactical officer with the rank of lieutenant junior grade  The next year he was made Acting Chief of Security following the death of Natasha Yar, even though he believed that a promotion due to the death of a comrade was not honorable  The next year he transferred to operations division and was formally made Chief of Security.

Awareness   4     Coordination  4
Ingenuity     3     Presence  4
Resolve       4    Strength  6

Good Traits
Alien, Brave, Voice of Authority, Rank (Starfleet Lt. Commander) Tough, Never Gives Up (major) Martial Artist, Experienced (x1)

Bad Traits
Adversary-House of Duras (minor) Alien Appearance, Argumentative, By the Book, Distinctive, Eccentric-Stoicism (minor), Impulsive, Obsession-Restrain his Klingon nature (minor) Obligation-Starfleet (major) Obligation- To his House and the Klingon Empire (minor)

Fighting 4 (Area of Expertise: Bat'Leth)
Marksman 4
Medicine 1
Subterfuge 2

Story Points 9
Tech Level 5

Distinctive Features:  Klingon Brow ridges, scowling demeanor


 Lieutenant Natasha Yar

 Tasha was born in 2337 on the failed colony world of Turkana IV. Her sister, Ishara, was born five years later. Both of their parents were killed shortly following Ishara's birth, after which they were looked after by "some people" for a few months who later abandoned them, leaving Tasha to care for them both. Tasha had to avoid rape gangs and terrible violence just to scavenge for the bare necessities of life, such as food.

 Tasha managed to find a way off Turkana IV in 2352 by the age of fifteen. Ishara and Tasha never saw one another again. Tasha began to attend Starfleet Academy soon after her escape. Tasha credited Starfleet for saving her from her previous life.  She joined security because of the lawless environment in which she grew up.

Awareness   4     Coordination 3
Ingenuity     3     Presence  3
Resolve       3     Strength  3

Good Traits
Attractive, Brave, Crack Shot, Rank (Starfleet Lieutenant

Bad Traits
Impulsive, Obligation-Starfleet (major)

Athletics 1
Convince 1

Fighting  3
Knowledge  2
Marksman  4
Medicine  1

Subterfuge 2
Survival 3
Technology  2
Transport  2

Story Points 12
Tech Level 5

Distinctive Features:  Athletic, reserved nature,

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