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Star Trek Week: Captian Picard and Commander Riker

This Friday, Star Trek: Into Darkness opens in theaters here in the US, so I thought I'd count down this week with write-ups for the Next Generation cast.

Captain Jean-Luc Picard
Jean-Luc Picard was a celebrated Starfleet officer, archaeologist and diplomat who served during the latter half of the 24th century. The highlights of his career were centered around assignments as commanding officer of the Federation starships: USS Stargazer, USS Enterprise-D, and the USS Enterprise-E. In these roles, Picard not only witnessed the major turning points of recent galactic history, but played a key role in them also, from making First Contact as captain of the Federation's flagship with no fewer than 27 alien species, including the Ferengi and the Borg, as well as becoming the chief contact point with the Q Continuum, to serving as Arbiter of Succession- where he presided over the investiture of Chancellor Gowron, and exposing the Romulan Star Empire as backers of his chief rivals, later aiding an Romulan underground movement of dissidents to gain a toehold on the Romulan homeworld. He continued to serve as captain of the Enterprise-E, the sixth starship to bear the name, until at least 2379.
Awareness  3      Coordination 3
Ingenuity  4        Presence  4
Resolve  4          Strength 3

Good Traits (10)
Experienced (x2)
Military Rank (Starfleet Captain)
Technically Adept
Voice of Authority

Bad Traits (-10)
Adversaries (major)
By the Book
Code of Conduct-Prime Directive (major)
Obligation-Starfleet (major)
Obsession-Archaeology (minor)
Insatiable Curiosity
Eccentric-difficulty dealing with children (minor)

Skills (31)
Athletics  2
Convince  3 (Area of Expertise: Negotiation)
Craft 2
Fighting  2
Knowledge  3 (Areas of Expertise: Diplomacy, Starfleet, Military Tactics)
Marksman 3 (Area of Expertise: Phaser)
Medicine 1
Science  2
Subterfuge 2
Survival  2
Technology 2
Transport  2

Story Points 6
Tech Level 7

Distinctive Features: Bald, Hawkish looks, resonant voice, projects authority.

Commander William T. Riker

 Will Riker has served as First Officer of the U.S.S. Enterprise for many years. He's developed from a brash young officer into a seasoned leader who has held his own against grave threats including the first attempted invasion of the Alpha Quadrant by the Borg.

He previously had an intimate relationship with his fellow officer Deanna Troi, but they chose to remain friends during much of their service aboard the Enterprise. He pursued several other relationships during his tenure as First officer.
Awareness  3      Coordination 4
Ingenuity  3        Presence  4
Resolve  4          Strength 3

Good Traits (7)
Experienced (x1)
Military Rank (Starfleet Commander)
Voice of Authority

Bad Traits (-4)
Obligation- Starfleet (major)

Skills (24)
Athletics 1
Convince  2
Craft 1
Fighting  3
Knowledge 3
Marksman  3 (Area of Expertise: Phaser)
Subterfuge 2
Survival 2
Technology 2
Transport  3 (Area of Expertise: Shuttlecraft)

Story Points 9
Tech Level 7

Distinctive Features: Beard, Rugged Good Looks, Athletic


Military Rank (Starfleet)

The military rank trait system from the UNIT Sourcebook works the same way for Starfleet personnel,the only difference is the titles.

Rank Trait                          Ranks

None                          Crewman* or Ensign
Minor                   Chief Petty Officer* or Lieutenant 
Major                        Lieutenant Commander
Major x2                             Commander
Major x3                               Captain

*These ranks are non-commissioned officer positions.

The first and most important piece of equipment in Star Trek is of course the Starship Enterprise.  So using a combination of the Defending the Earth Sourcebook and the Primeval base traits I came up with appropriate base stats for the ship.

USS Enterprise NCC 1701-D

The USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-D) was a Federation Galaxy-class explorer that was in service with Starfleet in the mid-24th century. This was the fifth Federation starship to bear the name Enterprise. During her career, the Enterprise served as the Federation flagship.

Good Traits: Armoury, Computing Power, Database Access, Defence System, Fortified, Holding Cells, Internal Sensors, Laboratory, Landing Pad, Lockdown, Medic, Minions, Mobile Base, Secure Base, Training, Troops

Bad Traits: Code (Prime Directive), Main Reactor, Ongoing Mission, Wandering Civilians (Dependants and non Starfleet Personnel aboard)

Base Points: 12

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