Saturday, May 11, 2013

It's Star Trek Week!

Friday May 17th marks the opening of Star Trek: Into Darkness, and I thought this week would be a good time to provide some DWAITAS write-ups for the Next Gen cast.

The Next Generation cast seems most appropriate following the IDW Comics crossover series (and source of the image at left.)

So, starting tomorrow there will be daily posts providing two character write-ups for the Next Gen cast, plus a few extra gadget entries for some of the more important equipment.


 It really wouldn't be that hard to use the DWAITAS system for a full on Star Trek Campaign. Both shows (especially TNG) were big on the idea of non-violent solutions to problems, and the DWAITAS system's very storytelling oriented nature would be a good fit for those looking for that kind of game.

The numerous (if sometimes contradictory information) from the pre-existing Trek RPGs makes for a vast array of source material. While I have neverplayed it, I was given the understanding the classic FASA Star Trek RPG utilized a similar game mechanic to FASA's Doctor Who rules. Marmal over at the DWAITAS forum had a simple manner for converting FASA Who stats to DWAITAS. Conceivably it could be used with FASA's Trek material.

Subtract 1 from the levels of all the NPCs (except possibly for the Doctor and TV companions) and you've got the AITAS stat.

 Though no real promises on that though, I have never played the Trek system so I really couldn't swear this would work or not. Then you have the problem of actually scrounging up the now thirty year old game books!

Of course, with Memory Alpha, and Memory Beta wikis covering all of the official Star Trek material and the non-canonical material respectively. The internet provides extensive source material for any game you might want to play. The only real limitation is your imagination.


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