Monday, May 13, 2013

Star Trek Week: LaForge and Data

This Friday, Star Trek: Into Darkness opens in theaters here in the US, so I thought I'd count down this week with write-ups for the Next Generation cast.

Lt. Commander Geordie LaForge

Geordie was born blind, but was fitted early in life with a VISOR. A cybernetic implant that gave him access to the full electromagnetic spectrum.

LaForge began his service aboard the U.S.S. Enterprise as junior lieutenant serving as helmsman. His technical aptitude eventually lead him to become the ship's Chief Engineer.

His closest friend on the Enterprise is Data, though all of the crew appreciate Geordie's easy going nature.  

Awareness  3      Coordination 3
Ingenuity  4        Presence  3
Resolve  3          Strength 3

Good Traits (8)
Cyborg (minor)

Military Rank (Starfleet Lt. Commander )
Technically Adept

Bad Traits (-5)
Impaired Senses- Blindness (major)
Obligation- Starfleet (major)

Skills (20)
Fighting  2
Knowledge 3 (Area of Expertise: Warp Physics)
Marksman  3 (Area of Expertise: Phaser)

Survival 2
Technology 4 (Area of Expertise: Starship Systems)
Transport  3

Story Points 9
Tech Level 7

Distinctive Features: Always wears VISOR, positive nature


Geordie's VISOR (minor gadget)
The VISOR, acronym for Visual Instrument and Sensory Organ Replacement, was a medical device used in the Federation to aid patients who had suffered loss of eyesight or who were born blind. The VISOR detected electromagnetic signals across the entire EM spectrum between 1 Hz and 100,000 THz and transmitted those signals to the brain through neural implants in the temples of the individual via delta-compressed wavelengths. The result was a vastly different visual acuity, with VISOR-wearers able to see in the infrared and ultraviolet ranges and beyond. To normal Human eyes, the images relayed through the VISOR could seem disorienting and unfamiliar.

Traits: Scan, Restriction (Removable, character is blind without it)
Story Points: 1

Lt. Commander Data

Data was the fifth of six known androids designed by Dr. Noonian Soong. He was built on the planet Omicron Theta around 2336, after Lore was deactivated, and over the protests of Soong's wife Juliana. Soong claimed he built Data to perfect his design of his androids, and when Data was perfected, apply his improvements to Lore. But before that happened, the colony was attacked by the Crystalline Entity. Data had been deactivated at the time and most of the colony wiped out.

Data was found and reactivated by the USS Tripoli after the Crystalline Entity destroyed the entire colony on the planet. His connection with Starfleet resulted in his choice to enter Starfleet Academy. Upon applying to the Academy, he met with some resistance on "the grounds that he was not a sentient being". Eventually Data was admitted to the Academy in 2344, and spent four years there. 

 Data served as operations officer and second officer on board the USS Enterprise-D from 2364 until the vessel's destruction in 2371.  Since he did not require sleep, he routinely stood night watch on the bridge. He frequently participated in many of the away missions undertaken. His speed of thought and great strength made him an important asset to the ship, and the fact that he was unaffected by disease, radiation, or mind control was vital on more than one occasion. 

Awareness  6      Coordination 5
Ingenuity  5        Presence  3
Resolve  4          Strength 7

Good Traits (12)
Boffin (major)
Photographic Memory (major)
Quick Reflexes
Rank (Starfleet Lt. Commander)
Tough (x2)
Experienced (x3)

Bad Traits (-12)
By the Book
Last of My Kind
Obligation- Starfleet (major)
Eccentric-Babbles (minor)
Code of Conduct-Programming (major)
Weakness-Deactivation Switch: will render Data unconscious (major)
Weakness-Hackable: Data can be remotely programmed to act without free will (major)

Skills (24)

Fighting  2
Knowledge  6
Marksman  3
Science 5
Technology 5
Transport 3

Story Points 3
Tech Level 7

Distinctive Features: pale golden skin, expressionless face

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