Saturday, October 25, 2014

Resourceful Pockets Table

So, your heroes have been captured by the bad guys and they tell them to empty out their pockets. Naturally the character with the Resourceful Pockets trait will have a wide variety of junk on hand. The GM has discretion about how many times rolling is needed.

Once again you roll two dice. Reading each one separately.

1-1   A vacuum tube
1-2   Pocket watch (normal)
1-3   a sandwich wrapped in paper (roll 1 die, on an even number it's still edible)
1-4   An 8 track tape of Polka music
1-5   Oolon Colluphid's Origins of the Universe
1-6   A piece of charcoal

2-1   A ball of rubber bands
2-2   5 meters of rope
2-3   A very old cell phone (circa 1992)
2-4   The last hand held gadget the players built in an adventure
2-5   quarter kilo of unobtainium-127
        (totally useless right now, but there's a materials engineer somewhere    
         who would sell his mother for this!)
2-6   That pen you nicked off President Taft's desk

3-1   shoe polish
3-2   a DVD of whatever movie is currently in theaters
3-3   a stationary pad from the Europa Hilton
3-4   A 3 1/4" floppy drive marked "Skynet 0.0176 DO NOT USE!!!"
3-5   A miniature theremin
3-6  A Mouse
       (roll 1 die; 1-2: USB Computer, 3: Living, 4: Dead, 5-6: Rubber,)

4-1   An Etheric Beam Locator
4-2   A Lighter
4-3   A Slide Whistle
4-4   A wad of lint
4-5   2d6 Coins from different planets (none of which are legal tender where you are right now)
4-6   A hip flask
       (roll 1 die; 1: Whiskey, 2- Vodka 3: Janx Spirit, 4: Holy Water, 5: Grape juice, 6: Vinegar)

5-1   A Cricket Ball
5-2   A pirate treasure map.
5-3   A rather dubious Hungarian to English Phrasebook
5-4   A glass bottle of soda
5-5   A rubber balloon
5-6   A tin cup

6-1   A string of fire crackers
6-2   An invitation to the time traveller's convention at MIT
6-3   A ball of twine
6-4   A Credit Card (roll 1 die; odds: still useful, evens: won't work)
6-5   A Swiss Army Knife
6-6   A bag of Jelly Babies

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