Thursday, November 14, 2013

Rich Morris' Doctor Who comics

Webcomic artist Rich Morris has made quite a name for himself in Doctor Who fandom for the numerous fan comics he's done for the show. His magnum opus The Ten Doctors started in 2007 and ran for around three years and almost 250 pages. The fact it included all ten of the Doctors, most of their companions, all of the classic villains, and featured a story that tied all of these elements together  and in a truly epic manner is quite an accomplishment.

After Rich finished with the Ten Doctors, he really started playing around with the possibilities for crossovers.  His second comic Forever Janette, featured the Paul McGann Eight Doctor running into the cast of the vampire police show Forever Knight. It was much more of a straightforward murder mystery (though it did involve bodies getting miniaturized via the Master's Tissue Compression Eliminator.)

His next story The Stalker of Norfolk, was written in conjunction with his wife Hilary Doda.  It plays as a straightforward historical, dealing with mysterious events in Elizabethan England. Rich set the story in that interim between Jo Grant leaving in The Green Death and Sarah Jane Smith arrival in The Time Warrior. He used that indefinite period to introduce an original character: Corporal Beverly Powell, UNIT Historian. The story starts with Beverly having a debate about Lord Robert Dudley, Queen Elizabeth's Master of Horse. Naturally the Doctor takes her on a trip in the TARDIS just to prove he's right. Beverly is a great character, she stands up well as a companion in her own right.

The last story Rich has completed is Outrage, which features another unlikely crossover. This time with Colin Baker's Sixth Doctor and the 80's cartoon Jem and the Holograms. Jem did have the advantage of being one of the more dramatically themed cartoons of the 80's, with ongoing plots through several episodes. Rich also shows some skill in making the often disregarded Sixth Doctor and making him an interesting character yet still the crass blowhard the fans know.

Beyond these completed works, he also has two other Doctor Who comic he's working on.  A Time To Kill is a James Bond crossover, with an added wrinkle regarding Bond's true nature. The other one focuses on the Daleks and their run in with the Xenomorphs of Aliens fame. It's simply titled Daleks vs. Aliens.

I definitely recommend a read through his archive when you have the opportunity.  His breadth of ideas and imagination is quite inspiring, especially to the gamers looking for possibilities.

Thinking of possibilities, on Rich's forum, back in 2010, I started the "This would be an Awesome Crossover!" Thread which has stayed active up up to this year. Everybody who reads the comic chimed in on their dream crossovers, and lots of spitballing with ideas. It's definitely worth a look just for some possible inspiration.

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