Tuesday, March 26, 2013

And so we begin...

I'd been thinking of starting up a Doctor Who RPG blog for a while.  I've been reading Craig Oxbrow's Door in Time and the Bigger on the Inside blogs for a while. I've been irregularly participating Doctor Who: Adventures in Time and Space message board for a few years now.  Mostly I've done a lot of oddball write ups such Jeeves and Wooster and the Big Bang Theory Cast, whether anyone has actually used them in a game has yet to be seen, but it's kind of nice to know it's available to someone.

After all, the concept of Doctor Who lends itself quite easily to the idea of crossovers across the whole spectrum of fiction. We've had the official crossover with Star Trek, and the imagination of fanfic writers has crossed it with even more. So my general plan with the blog is to write up various characters (fictional and historical) and maybe the odd map and floor plan. Most likely I'll also include bits of Forteana that could make for fun adventures.